Examples of our work

Problems identified by the owner were-

1) The Westerly chart table was too small

2) It was in a position where it blocked a very useful sea berth

3) There was little capacity for a neat installation of navigation aids

Solution –

Wet locker – Remove the existing chart table and convert the area into a hanging locker for wet weather gear.


Build a cabinet on the forward bulk head round 5 inches deep with a fold down chart table; large enough to spread a full size chart

New bulkhead

Populated the back panel with, VHF, Switch panel for Navigation light, Instrumentation as required, AIS, Chart light and a 19” VDU connected to a marine computer.


The computer was interfaced to the ships network of instruments, transducers and aerials. With software loaded It was therefore possible to display, navigational data, maps & passage information, internet access, TV and show DVDs. The audio being fed through the BBC radio to give enhanced surround sound.